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  • Treatment and Targets: Interactive tool shows when to initiate pharmacological treatment and recommended targets

Hypertension Canada Guidelines

Hypertension – Therapeutic Guide 4th Edition

  • The 4th edition of the Quebec Hypertension Society’s Guide is a quick reference tool for clinicians, containing clear recommendations to guide their therapeutic decisions.  This guide is an effort to transfer new knowledge and information from clinical trials. To order

Managing Blood Pressure

Hypertension and Sodium

Hypertension and Diabetes

Slides and Videos

2016 What's New Powerpoint SlidesWhat’s New 2016
(67 Slides)
2016 What's New VideoWhat’s New 2016
Part 1: Diagnosis & AssessmentPart 1: Diagnosis & Assessment
(Complete: 70 Slides)
Part 2: TreatmentPart 2: Treatment
(Complete: 82 Slides)
Section I: MeasurementSection I: Measurement
(30 Slides)
Section II: DiagnosisSection II: Diagnosis
(23 Slides)
Section III: CV RiskSection III: CV Risk
(10 Slides)
Section IV: Lab TestsSection IV: Lab Tests
(5 Slides)
Section V: Renovascular HypertensionSection V: Renovascular Hypertension
(3 Slides)
Section VI: Endocrine HypertensionSection VI: Endocrine Hypertension
(6 Slides)
Section VII: Home MeasurementSection VII: Home Measurement
(12 Slides)
Section VIII: Ambulatory MeasurementSection VIII: Ambulatory Measurement
(4 Slides)
Section IX: EchocardiographySection IX: Echocardiography
(2 Slides)

Hypertension Canada Educational Resources Order Form

  • Extensive educational resources for health care professionals have been developed to educate other health care professionals and to improve patient care. These resources can also be used to educate patients on how to control and manage their blood pressure. These publications are based on the Hypertension Canada Guidelines and are updated each year. Members of Hypertension Canada can order printed copies of our educational resources free of charge.

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